Frequently Asked Questions: Homer, Alaska and Three Moose Kayak Adventures

How do I get there?  

We are located in the coastal community of Homer, Alaska about 4 hours from Anchorage. Guests typically rent a car in Anchorage and visit us while they are in Homer. For day trips, when you reserve your trip, you will receive a detailed information packet that outlines where and when to check-in in Homer. If you book a cabin with us, you will need to find your own transportation (you can also contact us to check availability on our boats for a discounted rate), you can find a list of water taxis below; simply tell them you would like to book a taxi to “Three Moose Cabins.”

How long do the trips last?  

Full-day trips are  7-8 hours.

What about the weather?

There is a wise saying here in Alaska:  The weather is always nice, if its not, then you aren’t prepared for it!  Good rain jackets and layered, breathable clothing is important on our tours.   Our trips operate rain or shine.   While we hope for sun, we prepare for rain- then the weather is always good!  Wet weather does have its up side: The glaciers appear more blue, the winds are generally calm, and animals sightings are more frequent on overcast days.   On rare occasions, trips may be cancelled by us due to inclement weather or other factors out of our control.  In this case, guests receive a full refund.   In the event of heavy rain or wind, we may alter the trip itinerary for guest safety and comfort.

What do I wear/bring?

Dress comfortably and warm and think “layers”. Even on sunny days it is cold and breezy at the glacier. Wear long pants and bring an extra sweater or fleece. Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes are recommended.  No sneakers or sandals. You bring: Day pack, sack lunch, snacks, water bottle, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellent, rain jacket, rain pants, a warm hat, and gloves.  We provide all technical gear, waterproof boots, and dry bags.  If you need loaner rain gear or backpacks, we’ve got you covered:)

Will I see wildlife?

Most likely. Sea otters, puffins, and bald eagles are often seen from the boat as we cross Kachemak Bay. We always stop for wildlife viewing, giving everyone ample time to enjoy and photograph the animals we see. There is excellent marine life viewing at Hideaway Cove.

What kind of shape do I need to be in?   

Our full day trips cater to active travelers. You will enjoy these trips if you are in good health and lead an active lifestyle. The “Full-Day Glacier kayaking and Hiking” trip is an active day, with about 3-4 hours spent hiking and 2-3 hours kayaking with frequent breaks. Guests currently under a doctor’s care or with a pre-existing medical condition should contact us before making a reservation. Please share with us any concerns you have about the physical nature of the trip.  We can help find the best trip for you!

What about bears and bugs?  

Alaska has plenty of both. Neither are a problem on our day trips. The breeze at the glacier keeps the bugs down. Occasionally on the hikes bug repellent is needed. It is rare to see a bear on the trip, simply because we try to avoid them. However, your guide is experienced with bear behavior and the do’s and don’ts of a bear encounter. All trips begin with a “bear safety talk”.

Can children come on the trips?  

Children have a wonderful time on our trips. If your child is over 5, well-behaved, and can walk 2-3 miles, they are welcome.   Please contact us with questions or concerns.

What kind of Kayaks do you use?  

For glacier kayaking, we use top-of-the-line inflatable kayaks. These two-person boats are the most stable kayaks we have found.  They are comfortable and fun.  Our guests love them!  Also very stable, these kayaks ply the Alaska water just as the Aleut kayaks have done for thousands of years.

What if I can’t swim?  

Swimming skills are not required. Our boats are very stable and you will receive basic kayak instruction before getting on the water.  All guests are required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket.  We have never had a tip-over, but should it happen, your PFD will keep you afloat. Your guide is also fully trained to get you back into your boat quickly.

What about gratuities?  

Tips to the guides are customary and a nice way to say thank you at the end of the trip.   Guests have often asked “how much?”  A guideline of 10% to 15% is the norm. Please give tips directly to your guide.

Can I do a private tour?  

Yes.  If you are a group of 8 or more, you can request a private tour.  If you are a group smaller than that, then your private tour is based on the rate of 8 guests for that particular tour.